LeBron 8 All Star Cool New Kicks

Are you a shoe aficionado? Lots of guys are, especially when it comes to sneakers. The sneaker industry’s been a relevant one for the past generation. Just ask any baller you see at the nearest basketball court. Try to spot what they’re wearing too. You can bet they’re Nike Lebron’s, Kobe’s, Adidas Derrick Rose or Dwight Howard’s. Whatever they be, lots of people want to look good even while playing. It’s a big thing that these shoe brands are always coming out with a new design, after all it’s the real fans that want their hands on these instantly.

You can bet shoe buyers are always looking for the next shoe they want to purchase. Well now it’s a lot easier cause you can find them all online. Want the latest Kobe shoe, just look for it online and there will be a deal waiting for you. Lots of new styles are always being developed and hyped by brands too. Like Nike likes to give sneak peeks to their new apparel before they come out to hype up fans and buyers. Once the pair of shoes hit the shelves, you can bet that these shoe addicts are hitting those shelves and buying them before they’re out of the market. It’s all part of their marketing and the fans’ love for their gear.

A good example of which could be the upcoming NBA all-star game in Los Angeles. You can bet that the players are going to sport their all-star edition jerseys and shoes. They’re even letting them wear printed tank tops that are just like the all-star jerseys instead of the wearing the traditional jersey. But more important are the all-star edition kicks. Like Lebron will be wearing his east coast inspire Lebron 8 All Star shoes. These Lebron 8’s sport the east coast blue with hints of silver and black. It also has a white Nike swoosh and mid sole. Now aren’t those all star kicks indeed

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