World Trade News Summary

During this week several significant events transpired particularly in the industrial world. These changes have influenced directly or indirectly not only the growing global trade, but likewise the developing economy of countries worldwide. On one hand, some events have positively contributed to the various sectors of international or local economy and they serve as harbingers of more future developments. On the other hand, there were also events that have negatively impacted and in fact continue to threaten the various sectors of both international and local trade and economy.

Oil Price Continues to Improve in the Global Market

This week has been full of good news for oil traders. Last Monday, oil rate plummeted by $2. As such, U.S crude oil dipped down to $1.6 thus settling to a rate of $62.41 per barrel at the Merchantile Exchange (New York). The decrease also calmed down a 4-day protest prompted by the oil price, which previously raised up to $63.92 per barrel. Meanwhile, the rate of oil in Nigeria continued to increase. This was due to the recent discovery of an oil pipe leak and the militant protests, which forced Nigeria to cut a large percentage of its oil production and supply. Although the situation of Nigeria affected the international oil trade, it did not keep the rate of oil from improving. The significant decrease has been attributed to current negotiations with Iran regarding its plans for nuclear production.

Last Tuesday, the oil rate slipped further by 2% ($1.26). Hence, U.S crude oil settled to a price of $61.58 per barrel. Meanwhile in London, brent crude decreased by 1.32 cents and remained at $61.02. The same trend was followed by the rest of the oil market worldwide. Oil value further improved due to Nigeria’s statement to restore a large part of its production and supply and to OPEC’s decision to maintain out near the maximum level. Nigeria would increase its output by 75% in the coming weeks. The OPEC officials, too, said that they would keep oil production and supply close to the limit in order to avoid gaps and prevent the oil price from increasing.

After the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its report that crude oil inventories rose beyond the expected rates during the past 7 years, the oil rate slipped further last Wednesday by 2.5%. Based on the report, the inventories rose as high as 6.8M barrels during the past week. The results exceeded the expected rate of 1.6M barrels. Analysts added that the decision of OPEC to maintain the oil output close to the limit also contributed to this improvement. Another factor considered was Iran’s statement to maintain an adequate oil production and supply amidst the negotiations regarding its nuclear plans.

Several Partnerships Yield More Improvements in the World Trade

AT&T Inc. disclosed last Sunday its decision to acquire BellSouth Corp. for around $67B. This move was part of AT&T’s plan for further expansion especially in the southeastern region of the U.S. The agreement between the two companies would then bring Cingular Wireless, the leading wireless phone company in the U.S, under the sole ownership of AT&T. The deal would be completed within the span of one year. Although the transaction would need the approval of the anti-trust administrators including the Federal Communications Commission, analysts commented that the process would probably not encounter any opposition.

Upon the release of the news regarding AT&T’s acquisition of BellSouth, the stocks at the European telecom market significantly improved. The European division of DJ Stoxx telecoms rose by 2.2% thus ensuring more stability for 2006. BT earned as high as 4.3% up to a 7-month pence. Both the French and the Dutch telecom improved by 2%. Vodafone increased as high as 4.7% to a close 2 month 127.20 British pounds. The news of the acquisition excited several international telecom companies thus leaving positive results in this particular sector of trade.

Meanwhile in the gas industry, Linde AG, a leading supplier of medical and industrial gases and producer of warehouse machinery, agreed to pay 8.2B pounds ($14.$B) in order to acquire its rival, the British BOC Group. According to analysts, a counter-bid to buy BOC was least expected due to the pressure in the entire gas trade and the competitive amount proposed by Linde. The acquisition further boosted the assets and profits of the German company and placed it to the top place along with French Air Liquide as a leading gas industry worldwide.

Amidst the planned agreement of partnership with Arcelor, the Mittal family was rumored to lower its voting rights from 10-2 down to 2-1. This step would enable the Mittal clan to earn the support of many large investors and to still maintain a large percentage of voting stake. The leading steel company though denied those reports and stated that it would not precede the possible result of its negotiations with Arcelor, which is based in Luxembourg. The partnership though encountered several disapprovals thus causing the stocks of both companies to decrease.

A month ago, Whirlpool Corp. also disclosed its negotiations in order to buy Maytag Corp. Although both companies have not yet arrived at a decision, the proposed agreement has been opposed by the anti-trust division of the Justice Department. Recently, the sector has begun focusing its attention to the laundry appliance industry. Lawyers from the anti-trust department have initiated the process by gathering the testimonies of various rival companies regarding the possible impact of the merging to the entire appliance market. The deal would amount to $1.7B thus giving birth to the largest appliance manufacturer in the global market. Due to the opposition, the shares of both companies decreased.

Nike Inc. which is the number one athletic shoe producer worldwide, was rumored to buy Puma. The company denied the reports though and further supported its statement by saying that it expects more developments and expansion in its own products particularly with goods related to soccer sports. Nike, which would be sponsoring the 2006 World Cup in Germany, said that it would launch a wider advertising campaign compared to its efforts during the World Cup in Asia in 2002.

Automobile Companies Seek Ways to Stabilize and Improve Their Market

Although a decline is expected in the car industry next year, automakers are moving to stabilize and improve their sales and profits. Particularly, DaimlerChrysler, the 5th largest car industry worldwide, expressed its positive outlook regarding its business. Earlier this year, the automaker released its latest goods and empowered its competitiveness in certain areas. The company is expecting its sales to increase in 2007 and 2008.

Meanwhile, General Motors stated last Monday that it would sell back 17.4% of its share to Suzuki Motor Corp. This decision was made by the large U.S car industry to boost its balance and improve its shared in the market. Moreover, GM has also been planning to sell a significant percentage of its shares from General Motors Acceptance Corp, its financial department. Among the rumored bidders is the Norinchukin Bank. Currently, Norinchukin is one of the leading financial companies in Japan. Other companies that expressed their desire to bid were Citigroup and Cerberus Capital Management. Citigroup is, currently, the biggest bank in the United States.

Global Trade Witness Some of the Most Important Trials

Finally, the four former administrators of Ahold faced the court on charges of fraud. Ahold was considered as the biggest supermarket and retailer in the world. Moreover, it served as an icon of success and stability in the business world. Yet this reputation was tainted when its former directors admitted to have falsified documents thus misleading several investors including the company’s own accountants.

Microsoft Corporation also sought last Friday the aid of the U.S federal courts in order to pressure IBM, Novell Inc., Oracle Corp., and Sun Microsystems Inc. in order to hand certain documents necessary in its dispute against the European Commission. In 2004, EC fined the giant company after discovering that Microsoft used its position to damage the other developers of softwares, which are vital for printers, pass log-ins, and file access. The company, which did not yet fulfill its sanctions according to the EC, asked the case to be tried in Luxembourg. It was found out though that the other evidences asked by Microsoft pertained to the internal archives of the EC subject to its own rules and norms.

Netac Technology, based in mainland China, also made historical headlines last month after charging U.S company PNY Technologies for infringement. Although the news came as a surprise for many Americans, some analysts consider it as a harbinger of future possibilities in the technological industry. Many U.S and other foreign companies were also expecting that China would finally intensify its fight against piracy after experiencing the need to protect its own products and trademarks. Recently, China has received foreign complaints particularly a warning from the Washington regarding the widespread piracy in the Asian country.

U.S. Encounter Recommendations and Feedbacks in Trade and Investment

Recently, trademark experts strongly emphasized the responsibility of American Business to register their names immediately in China. This was necessary in order to avoid falling as preys of brand squatters. Stephen Baker, who works at Baker & Rannells as a trademark lawyer, stated the increase of brand squatting cases. Alarmingly, some of these brand squatters even successfully obtained a huge amount of cash from individuals or big time companies that sought to maintain and fully own their web domain name. He commented that regardless whether U.S firms have future plans to expand in China, enlisting their trademark was necessary.

The interference of the U.S Republic Senators against the Dubai Ports World also roused concerns that it would affect an $8B investment of UAE into the U.S regarding an early-warning system. Although the deal was already approved previously, the protest from the senators pushed the government to make another review period. But businessmen and analysts particularly the American Business Group of Abu Dhabi (ABG) based in UAE stated that stopping the agreement could affect the decision of Arabs in investing their money into the country. As such, the organization would be sending its representatives to talk with some 120 Republican Senators.

China Faces Several Issues Significant to its Economy and Position in the World Trade

According to reports, several trading partners of China might raise their complaints against the country at the World Trade Organization. The move would be part of the traders’ objective of pushing Beijing in order to effectively implement the international rules of trade. According to a U.S senior official, several trading partners of China may raise their complaints against the country at the World Trade Organization. The move would be part of the traders’ objective of pushing Beijing in order to effectively implement the international rules of trade. James Mendenhall, the general adviser for the office of the United Sates Trade Representative commented that the efforts of China to fight piracy was not yet enough since the problem has continued to spread and affect other foreign industries.

Meanwhile, John Snow, the Treasury Secretary, also said that China needed to initiate more changes in its currency. He added that the need for more flexibility in its currency was necessary since its role in the international trade was expanding due to its growing economy. Snow commented that promoting equal trade in the international market was a common responsibility of all nations involved.

Cuban Tobacco and Spirits Industry to Expand in Russia

Exporters of Cuba rum and cigarette announced their plan to establish a Floridita bar in Moscow, Russia. The chain of restaurants has earned its fame through the years by accommodating many Hollywood celebrities and other personalities especially in 1940’s and 1950’s. The said bar would be a blend of a fine restaurant, a cigarette shop, and great Cuban music. The opening of the bar was hoped to improve the trade of Cuban tobacco and spirits in Russia

Selling A Domain Name: How Much is It Worth?

Shakespeare’s Juliet may have said “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, but it’s a good bet that Juliet hadn’t ever tried to pick a good domain name for her website. It’s an even better bet that she didn’t try to place a value on the name when the time came to sell it, something more and more people are facing today. Whether you are selling your domain because you have closed up a website or you have decided to try your hand at the domain buying and selling game, you’ll need to know how much that domain name is worth.

There are stories of people who have found the perfect domain name and sold it for enough money to retire on. There are people who buy domain names that are slight misspellings of some famous, trademarked domain, in the hopes of getting traffic through typos which will make their name valuable as advertising space. There are people who buy hundreds of thousands of domain names through discount and reseller programs, feverishly snapping up expired names, hoping they have found several winners.

The bottom line is that any domain name is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. There is no inherent worth in the domain, it has no physical property value, it isn’t a stock market commodity (yet); so the only real value is how badly someone wants that name for themselves. You may have the biggest and best collection of earthworm wrangling ropes ever made, but if you can’t find another earthworm wrangling rope collector to sell them to, they aren’t worth, well, dirt. Domain names are the same, so unless you have a name that someone else can’t live without, you will not be retiring on the sale profits any time soon. Fortunately, finding someone who is searching for a domain name is easier than finding an avid earthworm wrangling rope collector. All the above being said, there are some factors that are commonly considered to raise a domain name’s value. They are:

1. Length of name

2. Composition of name

3. Development and Popularity of the name

4. Prior Interest

Length of Name

In most cases, a one or two word domain name will have a higher value than multiple word domains. Correctly spelled common words and phrases have a higher value than obscure words and sayings, or misspellings. Domain names that are easy to say, spell, and remember and have easily identifiable meanings are the ones everyone is looking for, which obviously raises their value. Nike’s is a perfect example of turning a short, well-known phrase into a smart domain name. The more unmistakable and to the point the domain, the higher the value. will work well for you, whereas is, while accurate, way too much.

Composition of Name

The way a domain name is put together also adds or detracts from it’s value. In general, experts recommend avoiding hyphenated names, so in the above Nike example, would be of less value than the non-hyphenated name. The domain extension is also important, because people are still most familiar with .com. Even though other extensions are valid and useful, the first reaction of a visitor is going to be to type in – not Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not the domain would be a first choice for a potential buyer. For example, if I owned a beachwear business, I would consider buying – but is a poor second choice. Shortened word forms and acronyms are only valuable if they are well-known abbreviations.

Development and Popularity of Name

Is there already a website built for your domain name? Having a well established site will increase the value of the domain. Several factors go into assessing the development and popularity of your site, including the age of the site, number of back links, and Google PR and/or Alexa ranking. The older, more established a site is, the greater the chance that you will have amassed a collection of relevant links to sites who also link back to you, raising your placement in search engine results. Having a high Google Page Rank and a high Alexa ranking will also increase your domain name’s worth – all of these tools help determine how popular a site is, and how often the site is visited. If you are selling the domain, someone else will most likely be putting up a totally new site on it, but the theory is that a domain that already has a good history will bring more traffic to the new owner. People will be typing in your domain directly, looking for your old site, and that will put more eyeballs on the new domain owner’s pages.

Prior Interest

It is possible, of course, to have interest in your domain name without any effort on your part at all! If you have been lucky enough to register a name that someone happens to be looking for, they may approach you directly to ask if you would consider selling it. The price you will ask for should be based on the factors above, as well as how many such offers you have gotten in the past. If you’re getting several offers a year for your name from different people, you can obviously raise the price. If this is the case, you might be better off choosing to sell the domain through a domain auction, rather than directly to a buyer. Set a minimum price on your name, let all the previously interested parties know about the auction, and let them duke it out!

Determining the worth of your domain name is a very subjective process, because, again, it’s only worth something if there’s someone out there that needs to buy it. Visit some domain auctions and sale sites, and see what people are actually getting for the domains they’re selling. From there, follow the above guidelines to help you set a ballpark figure for the domains you have for sale. Using your common sense, keeping an eye open for trends, and having a little bit of imagination will help you in choosing domain names to sell. Whether this is a one-time sale or the beginning of a domain sales career, it’s important to understand your market. And a rose is still a rose, but will smell a bit sweeter than

Design Wins!

In the late 1990s, there was a collegiate football team with a losing record, low stadium attendance, and a dismal recruiting program. Two years ago, that same team, the Oregon Ducks, played for the National Championship and appeared in the Rose Bowl this past season. The natural question that follows is how? The answer may come as a surprise. The catalyst for this newfound success was not a new game changing coach or athletic director, but design.

Phil Knight, the co-founder and chairman of Nike, graduated from the University of Oregon in 1959 and today his net worth is estimated at over $13 billion. In 1996, he wanted to help his Alma Mater’s struggling football team and he asked the Nike staff, “How can we make teenagers who are good at football want to come to the University of Oregon?” Since then, he has spent more than $300 million on stadium additions, luxury boxes and new locker rooms.

More noteworthy than the stadium additions and locker room renovations, is what the team at Nike has done with the uniforms. Nike’s designers were given free rein to do whatever they could dream up, and they dreamed big. They designed dark green uniforms with a modern wing design on the jerseys. The paint for the dark green helmets were even made from glass beads and costs $2,400 a gallon. When the players enter the field, they look more like an army of futuristic soldiers than a football team. All in all, there are over 500 different possible combinations of uniforms that the team can wear. Too bad there are only 12 games in a season. Michael Smith wrote in the SportsBusiness Journal that this was part of “Nike’s 15-year project to build Oregon football into a national power largely on the strength of marketing and branding.”

After several years, it is clear that marketing and branding worked. Oregon is now recruiting players from all across the country due to the fact that teenagers want to come wear these amazing uniforms. I don’t blame them! I’ve never played a down of organized football in my life and I want to wear those uniforms. Two seasons ago Oregon played in the National Championship game and this past season won the Pac 12 and beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

The investment is paying off for Nike as well. Thanks to the on the field Oregon showroom, college football programs all over the country are coming to Nike to rejuvenate their uniform designs so they can be cool like Oregon. Nike also takes their first shot at NFL uniforms this 2012 season.

In terms of your brand, take a lesson from Oregon and Nike. If your brand is struggling to attract consumers, take a look at your current brand design. Is it intriguing, unique, and for lack of a better world, “cool” or is it stale and bland? In today’s world, consumers not only demand a quality product and attentive service, but great design as well. As Oregon’s turn around has taught us, design, simply put, wins.

Inflation? Buy Inelastic Stocks

While some investors may argue that when dealing with equities it is important to diversify your portfolio in different sectors combating one another so you do not obtain high capital losses. While the statement may be true in times of volatility, during inflationary periods such as the one that is cautiously approaching and worrying the Federal Reserve, I would recommend avoiding such mutual fund tactics and encourage the purchasing of inelastic stocks.

When I mention the word inelasticity I am referring to how much a certain quantity of goods or services demanded or supplied will change relative to the change in price. Typically when you see prices rise due to inflation, quantity demanded for a particular good such as a car or computer will decline. Now the key for this report is how much will the quantity of that good will decline in terms of a percentage. If the percentage is larger than the change in price, the good is said to be elastic meaning it is volatile in terms of price fluctuations. However, if the percentage of that quantity supplied or demanded is less than the change in price, the good or service is said to be inelastic, taking little to no heed if prices increase. Typically if a good or service is inelastic profits and revenue will bolster during periods of inflation while elastic goods or services will suffer.

Now what does that mean in relation to equities? During inflationary times a company that produces an inelastic good or service will see its revenue, operating margins, net profits, and production usually increase making such a stock desirable to buy juxtaposed to an elastic based company. If these figures ascend creating great cash flow, optimistic future guidance, and increased earnings, a certain inelastic company will be in good position to appease shareholders. While an inelastic producing company may experience some growth typically during inflation the rest of the market may experience lower than expected values creating capital losses.

So what types of sectors should you look at in relation to this inelastic wonder? Probably in times of inflation the best area would be consumer staples and healthcare. Both areas produce goods and services which are required by some of their consumers regardless of their price. Good options would be large capitalization companies such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Altria, and Procter & Gamble. All of these companies produce goods such as soft drinks, medicines, cigarettes, and household necessities such as toothpaste which will rarely be affected in terms of quantity demanded if prices rise. If toothpaste, for example, rose one dollar from $3.00 to $4.00 more than likely the average consumer will not stop his or her purchase of toothpaste even with a 33% increase in price because this product is a necessity and worth the sacrifice regardless of price. Returning to equities, statistically all of these companies have done well during earlier periods of inflation, and because they are all low risk stocks with relatively small betas there should be a strong optimism concerning capital gains during an inflationary period.

Sectors that should be avoided during times of high prices are found in technology and retail. Companies such as Dell, Nike, and other corporations found in these sectors typically do not have great capital gains if any during periods of inflation. Since prices have increased for many goods, a bigger portion of a consumer’s income (especially fixed income) will be going to the necessities such as toothpaste while at the same time sacrificing other luxury goods such as new high-tech computer or brand named sneakers. The unfortunate effect is that companies such as Dell will post lower earnings and revenue creating capital losses for its shareholders.

Indulge Cozily in Your Jordan Shoes

Jordan shoes have come out with an exquisite line of shoes which are named as Air Jordan. They have gained immense popularity right from the time they were introduced. Since then, there has been no looking back. Jordan shoes are not only great in style and looks, but they also lend extreme comfort to the wearer. When Nike first introduced their line of shoes, Nike was basically synonymous with sports shoes like joggers and runners. Hence, they wanted to do something different and cater to a different line of shoes. This is when they entered the new arena of manufacturing shoes for the basketball game.

In those days, Michael Jordan rose to the status of a basketball star. He was a well known basketball player. This is when Nike grabbed the opportunity of roping in this great start and paid a huge amount of 2.5 million dollars. Jordan sneakers were introduced and Michael Jordan endorsed this brand. The initial Jordan shoes named as Jordan 1 came in mixed colors of black and red which looked attractive and vibrant. In those days, you could get only white colored basketball shoes. NBA intensely opposed the vibrant colors chosen by Nike and a ban was imposed. Michael Jordan was charged heavy fines every time he wore those shoes for his matches. The Jordan sneakers then became extremely popular among the common crowd and everyone wanted to own a pair of these shoes. Since those times, Jordan has been consistently introducing new varieties every time and they have managed to remain in the top. Possessing a pair of Jordan shoes is a proud matter and a collector’s item too. For extreme enthusiasts and lovers of shoes, Jordan shoes have also introduced several packages. Jordan sneakers are available either at well-known retail outlets or at boutiques. You could also procure these shoes online.

Why Wear Jordan 11 Retros?

With the success of Space Jam movie, came in the demand for the stylish Nike Jordan 11 retro or Air Jordan 11. Right from the time these shoes were introduced, Jordan 11 Retro were promoted as the name was linked to the 95-1196 NBA champion, Michael Jordan. The famed star player wore them in the movie Space Jam and is thus popularly known as Space Jams.

Not only is Jordan 11 retro stylish but extremely comfortable also. Nike was known for high quality joggers and sports shoes but with the launch of the Jordan 11, they entered a different market- manufacturing shoes for a specific niche, basketball shoes. Nike expanded its clientele base and the instant hit of these shoes was a market booster.

In 1995 and later years, Michael Jordan rose to become a start basketball player and was paid nearly $2.5 million dollars to endorse products by Nike. Though colored shoes were not allowed by NBA, Michael Jordan was fined each time he wore the vibrant Air Jordan series on court. But the people loved seeing the colourful shoes on court instead of the usual white basketball shoes and Jordan 11 retro were an instant hit and owning a pair of these trendy shoes became a style.

Since then, each pair of original Jordan that was launched by Nike became a popular choice and a collectible. If you are looking to buy a pair of Jordan 11, there are numerous retail outlets and online stores that sell original Jordan shoes. However as numerous fakes are available at cheap prices, you need to be sure that you buy from a well known retailer.

Though the legacy and remarkable history of Air Jordan continues, the latest cutting edge technology and air in the sole gives you the bounce and speed necessary for playing. The cushioned sole also allows you to walk longer distances with the support available in the foot care designed shoes. Each shoe range that is designed by Nike in the Jordan range requires careful research and development and exclusive designers to provide you the best.

Shoe Review – Nike Zoom Trainer, Essential Women’s Running Sho

In Portland, Oregon, where I used to live, it’s almost a requirement to own Nike products. Nike headquarters are in the Portland metro area, and most everyone in Portland knows someone who works there. I’m no exception to this Rose City rule. Over the past few years I’ve acquired a fair number of Nike products, including my usual running shoes, the Nike Zoom Structure Triax series.

While shopping at a discount retailer I came across a pair of the Nike Zoom Trainer (for women) and promptly purchased them to speed train for my upcoming marathon. I was first attracted to these shoes because they are incredibly light and flexible, which is perfect for speed work and for transitioning into a more minimalist running shoe.

After taking them out for a week, I have a few observations: first, these are incredibly comfortable; second, it feels like I’m not wearing shoes; and third, I feel like I can run really fast.

The Nike Zoom Trainers are not cushioned like many of Nike’s other shoes; instead, these lighter shoes allow for a more natural gait. Since they are intentionally light and minimalist, these shoes offer no arch support. The soles are so flexible that you can fold the shoes in half. Perfect for speed work on the street or on a treadmill, these shoes have quickly become a favorite.

If you are not used to racing flats, or to shoes that do not offer a lot of support or padding, then you should work these gradually into your runs, since wearing these shoes will work your muscles and gait differently than other shoes do. Furthermore, the Zoom Trainers are not particularly well suited for trail running, since they do not provide much traction.

Nike Air Force One Continues to Make Waves

Nike has amassed a great name for itself. It is the doyen of shoe world and it deserves every bit of attention that it gets. Nike had brought in a shoe line called Nike Air Force 1 way back in 1982. The name Air Force 1 has been taken from the name of the plane, which is used by the president of United States. It was a modest experiment by designer Bruce Kilgore. The experiment succeeded beyond bounds. It not only brought great fortune to Nike but also traveled beyond the Hispanic shores.

The shoe line pioneered Nike’s air technology. Air technology uses gas-filled plastic membranes in the soles for the purpose of cushioning the shoe. This brings great relief and comfort to the wearer. Within a very short time, the shoe became a craze with the masses.

Almost at the same time, New York underwent an eclectic current of hip-hop. The hip-hoppers were closely associated with basketball and road dances. Thus they loved the concept of air technology and basketball shoes. The hip-hoppers had many emulators. Children on the New York scene felt like getting the shoes for themselves. Slowly a revolution rose and it led to the sale of these shoes in full swing.

Today Nike Air Force 1 brings a billion USD each year to Nike’s exchequer. The shoe line comes in 1700 different color variations. The varsity reds and the university blues have just got linked to the New York folklore. Despite all these colors, the ones which have had rousing success all these years are solid white and solid black., solid white is also referred to as whites-on white.

The shoe is selling like craze across all the Nike retail outlets. On the occasion of its silver anniversary, the line just got upgraded. It brought in many more features that were immediately recognizable. The overall effort was towards giving the wearer respite. Airy soles, thick cushion, Velcro straps and many other facets made it a highly popular shoe.

Nike Air Force 1 comes in three varieties. While it is usually feasible to find the low top and the mid top in retail stores, the high top is not immediately accessible. The mid top uses Velcro straps and it is bound to the base of the shoe. The high top keeps the medallion in a copious, ready-to-be-removed manner.

As an accessory and a memorabilia, Nike air force 1 uses medallions in the laces. These have silver print. You can remove these medallions at will if you do not like the concept

Nike Dunks Mid Premium SB – Asbury Casino Edition

The Nike Dunks mid premium SB – Asbury Casino is in the category of what are referred to as ‘mid’ Nike dunks, in reference to their height. Other ‘mid’ Nike dunk products include the Nike Dunk Mid Premium SB Donatello, the Nike Dunks Mid Premium SB Guns N Roses November Rain and the Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid Tie Dye, to name but a few of the members of this rather huge family. In the short period of time that I have gotten to use my nike dunk, I confess that I have come to be thoroughly enchanted with it.

The pair of nike dunk is Mineral yellow in color, but I could as well have opted for the Island teal version of it, because Nike Dunk Mid Premium SB Casino edition comes either in Mineral yellow or Island teal colors. It would be reasonable to assume that the Mineral yellow version is ideal for those seeking to convey an emotion of exuberance in their choice of dunks, with the Island teal being for the more reserved types.

Although the pair of Nike Dunks in question is primarily Mineral yellow, there are at least three other colors that can be identified on it, including the black that makes the shoe’s sole, and which emerges (very slightly) at the front of the shoe and at is back. The upper part of the shoe’s sole, however, is painted white, making for quite a remarkable contrast with the mineral yellow otherwise employed. There is a bit of black, too, on the patch where the Nike tick is based, and yet another white patch at the front of the shoe, between the sole and tongue. The tongue itself is a certain tone of grey. It would seem that Nike’s choices of colors for this shoe are not random, but deliberate choices meant to enhance certain effects.

The sole on the Nike Dunk Mid Premium edition is – perhaps in keeping with the name, moderately thick. For a tying mechanism, Nike opts for a shoe lace and flap mechanism in the Nike Dunks Mid Premium SB. Unlike in most other Nike dunks of all sizes of modern times, the shoe lace on the Nike Dunks Mid Premium SB is quite short, spanning over six shoe-thread holes only (only three pairs of them, that is); with the rest of the holding together being accomplished through the use of the flap mechanism, which is found on top of the tip of the tongue of the shoe; at the shoe’s highest point.

The signature Nike tick on the Nike Dunk Casino edition is, as in most modern Nike dunks, stretched – all the way from somewhere towards the center of the shoe where it starts on the black patch described earlier, all the way to the back of the shoe; and then all the way to the other side of the shoe where it terminates with the sharp edge

Nike: A Buy or Sell?

Recently reporting their quarterly earnings, many investors look for a fair sized rally for this shoe making king. However, with the upcoming recession and implications that it might have on Nike (NKE) shares, I would be hesitant to purchase any more shares at such a high price during such a volatile period.

It’s true that Nike did something positive in their report a few days ago which propelled the stock by four percent the next day. However, this was also the first time in three quarters that Nike reported an EPS lower than expectations. While the surprise was low, Nike typically reports earnings well above analyst estimates, illustrating the potential decline of Nikes’ profits during the next possible few years. Already experiencing some negative margins from quarter to quarter, with yearly margins only mediocre at best, Nike looks to be an upsetting stock for investors in the months to come. Reaching a near record high this year, I can vouch that Nike is an overbought equity waiting to be shorted.

The reasoning for such an assertion can be based on the premise of what type of company Nike is. Selling sport shoes and other clothing products at an above market price may not be complacent with consumers with the upcoming economic downturn. As inflation worries have propelled the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates, a negative effect will occur for companies such as a decrease in purchases. Consequently, companies will have to compensate for the lack of sales by firing employees. This results in lower domestic income for Americans, creating even more negative effects for the economy. Because consumers will not spend at their previous rate, profits will fall for companies that sell products at high prices (like Nike) and will transcend the bad news to shareholders of their stock. As Nike perfectly fits this description, expect some announcements in the future, especially if there is a hard landing, of a lowering of guidance.

Historically speaking, when the recession of 2001 through 2003 took place, shares of Nike dropped dramatically to near 33% which is a big downfall for a large capitalization corporation. When the economy got back to a more prosperous state, shares of Nike rose because of increases in margins and earnings, placing Nike almost 100% ahead relative to the end of 2003. Will Nike follow a similar pattern when the next recession occurs? The topic is debatable, but Nike does seem to follow a relatively cyclical pattern determined by the economy and its fundamentals